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Native American Artifacts
Display owned by
Freddie Kelley
Mr. Kelley of Lanett, Alabama has been collecting Indian artifacts for 36 years. He has found some pieces as nearby as West Point Lake in Georgia, Alabama and as far away as Tennessee, and Mississippi.
This collection includes adzes, ax or celt heads which were used for chopping. Gorgets were made from stone and worn as pendants for decoration. The bannerstone was used to weight a throwing stick.
There are many pipes including two pouch pipes. White clay pipes called trade pipes that British traded to the Native Americans. A red peace pipe made from catlinite, possibly brought to our area on a trade route circa 1880. A large tube pipe which connects in the center; this tube was used as a smoking pipe or medicine tube.
Many gamestones used as game pieces made from quartz or other types of rock.
Various points and arrowheads including a Clovis point which is between 8,000 and 10,000 years old. The black & white point found at West Point Lake.
The black bottle contained alcohol and was traded to the Native Americans by the Whites for animal hides. Last, but certainly not least showcased are the trade beads. Beads were a common and important trade item for the Native American since ancient times. Mr. Kelley continues to add his findings to this collection and does network with other collectors to buy and trade artifacts.

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