Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Contest Guidelines

2009 Joy of the Holiday Season
Art, Poster and Writing Contest
Sponsored by Chambers County Library

You are invited to join our celebration this holiday season by participating in our annual art, poster and short story contest for students, preschool – grade 12. Students are invited to write stories, create original art, and design posters that celebrate the holiday season. We appreciate students, parents, and teachers taking time to participate in this annual event. This is one of our favorite contests to sponsor at the library. We look forward to reading your stories and seeing your art and posters. Listed below are the guidelines for the contest. If you have questions please contact Kati Behrens or Tabitha Truitt at Bradshaw Library at 334 768-2161 or Betty Barrett at LaFayette Pilot Public Library at 334-864-0012.

1. Stories should be typed or written in black ink. *Hint: If someone other than the author edits the story, please leave it as close to what the author intended. The original version must be submitted along with the edited version.

2. Stories should be neat in appearance. Stories with more than one page
should be stapled or in a folder to prevent loss. Entries should have a cover
sheet that includes: title of the story, student’s name, grade, teacher’s name,
school, home phone number. Students are encouraged to illustrate their
stories, but illustrations will not influence final judging.

3. Classes are encouraged to participate. If this is not a class assignment,
individuals may submit their own entries. Teachers, please share the
guidelines with interested students.

4. Although there isn’t a certain length for the stories, the entries should be
well developed with recognizable characters and plot. **Hint: It usually requires
more than one or two paragraphs to fully develop a story.

5. Please remind students that short stories are works of fiction and should not
be written as essays.

6. Although stories can be inspired from actual events, they should not be
a retelling of that event.

7. Stories should be written by individuals, not in groups or as a class.

8. The contest dates are November 9 - December 4. All entries must be
delivered to the library by 6:00 pm on Friday, December 4.

Poster Contest and Art Contest
Participants should create posters or art that depict “the joy of the holiday season.” Any medium may be used to illustrate the posters and art. For example, pictures from magazines may be used, paint, glitter, crayons or items from nature. Be creative. Adults may help, but please let the children create their own posters and art. **Hint: Judges especially enjoy posters and art that come from the child’s own hand. So, try not to help too much. Below are the guidelines.

Guidelines for Christmas Poster and Art Contest
1. The poster contest is for Preschool – grade 12. The art contest is for grades
2 - 12.

2. Entries in the poster category will be divided into two groups: individual and
class or family.

3.Please be sure to state if your entry is an art entry or poster entry.

4. Entries may be submitted until 6:00 on Friday, December 4. Posters and
art received early will be displayed at the library until Awards Day.

5. On the back of the posters and art, please put the child’s first & last name, grade, teachers’ name, school and home phone #. Groups submitting an entry should include a list each child’s name that helped with the project.

6. All entries should be picked up by Tuesday, January 5. After this date
entries will be discarded.